Sunday, April 20, 2008


Some time in 2001, my old time friend and guitarist Akmal and I came across an idea of forming a blues band. All we needed was a bassist. There was only one person in mind. Someone who had played with me for years in UKM. That person was Basith.

After few sessions of practises, we felt that the so called chemistry was there. Akmal with his SRVesque and Basith with his groove, we were ready to paint the town blue. Accept for one problem...a vocalist.

We tried out Basith's friend, Jason and performed in a show at UPM (we used the name The Real Deal). Jason was not the man we were looking for. Then someone appeared in a midst. Someone who was known for his great singing ability and agility. Someone with the name Ajid.
Since then Trigger Fingers was formed.

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