Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Hello there! This is my first effort to involve in the world of blog. Well there's nothing much about me...love rock music, soccer, movies and eating out.

To start off with, let me introduce you to my first love into the world of ROCK. This is the band that made me bang all the tins and cans in my house when I was a child.

Recognize them?

They are Deep Purple (Mark II)
It's a complete band. You can listen to everything that a band should have...crazy guitar solos, bashing and rolling of drums, wizardry organ and keyboard playing, powerful basslines and of course the high cracking pitch of vocals. My favourite song has to be HIGHWAY STAR (check out the video). These are the people behind it all...

Ian Gillan - Vocalist

Ritchie Blackmore - Guitarist

Ian Paice - Drummer

Roger Glover - Bassist

Jon Lord - Keyboardist


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