Wednesday, May 28, 2008

11th Anniversary

On the 25th of May, my wife I and celebrated our 11th anniversary.
We just had a small dinner at Din Tomyam as my wife was still struggling with her swollen gum and I myself was having a flu. We tagged everybody along. So we had "siakap stim limau", mixed tomyam and sweet sour chicken (the kids had their own meal).

After 11 years of marriage, 3 daughters and a happy life...we are doing well.

For everlasting love...InsyaAllah


nuruliz said...

Happy Anniversary? 11 years? Wow lamanya dahkan..anyway may you two have everlasting love and happy marriage forever..Aminnn

foodlover said...

insyaallah for everlasting love. Love me even when i'm no longer cute....hmmmmmm : )