Sunday, May 25, 2008


The game started around 2.30 a.m. Although it was very sleepy for me, I wouldn't want to miss that opportunity to watch the Red Devils in the final of the UCL. I've waited 9 years for them to reach the final again (because I missed watching it live the last time).
We dominated the game in the beginning as Chelsea didn't look so composed. Then, with a couple of simple passes from Scholes and Brown we knew something would come. Brown, although with his weaker foot, managed to curve the ball into the penalty box only to find the head of Ronaldo, who was always ready to strike...and it was a great goal.
My sleepiness was all gone. The way we played looked like we were already the champions. Chelsea were not at par with us at that moment. We had few chances missed through the header from Tevez followed by the strike from Carrick. Then, Tevez missed the great chance in front of the goal. Suddenly, it looked liked the Blues had taken away the luck from us. They scored a goal wtih just a scrappy move. Then, the game turned theirs until the end of the first half.
The second was Chelsea's game. They put a few scares with strikes that hit the posts. But, it ended 1-1.
The game went into extra time...still ended 1-1. It had to be decided through penalty shoot-out.

The drama began as Ronaldo missed one. Chelsea seemed to have a sight of the championsip as John Terry took position. With a goal, Chelsea would be crowned the Kings of Europe...but no! He missed it, with the help of the slippery ground. The shoot-out went into sudden death. The Reds didn't miss any. Anelka stepped in to take the penalty. He didn't look confident.
He striked and there was Edwin van De Sar to stop it.
That's it... we are the Kings of Europe.

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