Monday, May 26, 2008


The competition has come to the semi-final. My pick would be ...
Carbolic Smokeballs (of course)

Cherish 2000
Why I pick these bands?
With Carbolic Smokeballs, three of them are friends; Jai, Lawrence and Ayep, and we played together before. They have the balance in sound and the role that each musician plays.
Well, what can I say about the vocalist of Cherish 2000. SUPERB!! I am already his fan before this. I was mesmerised with his voice the first time I heard him sing with Kombo MPK (check out my video). But, the musicians should add more chemistry to compliment the vocalist.
Finally, Oldster, with the influenced of the 70's rock music, has entertained me most. I like the vocalist's Coverdalesque tone and the choice of songs. However, they didn't make it to the final through the professional jury's ears. What's wrong? Don't people listen and appreciate the 70's anymore. I do hope they will get back in the competition through SMS. LONG LIVE ROCK AND ROLL!!!!

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nuruliz said...

Wow band kengkawan masuk? Tak teringin ke join sama?